From the desk of Wornel Simpson



Wornel Simpson and Associates was founded over 32 years ago.  We have consistently conducted business at the highest level, relying on the cornerstones of our firm -- ethics, excellence, and a commitment to addressing our clients’ needs.  Since 1983, we have steadfastly adhered to our company mission: to see our clients through life’s personal and financial struggles utilizing objectivity, judgment, instinct and compassion.

Candid and direct communication is key in helping clients make better decisions about their respective futures.  Most of our clients’ financial decisions are impacted by learned behavior, demographics, and technology.  The hard truth is that most individuals are not built to save, we have increasing expectations with decreasing levels of patience, and we do not like to give up our stuff.  We like easy money and we like to consume. 

A high proportion of American workers have less than $25,000 in retirement savings or have a problem with their level of debt.  As few as 18% of Americans know their retirement number and have confidence they will have enough money to live comfortably throughout retirement; that also holds true for those with significant retirement savings.  With advances in health care, health awareness, and those associated costs, people are living longer and require more capital to meet the demands of living well.  That is particularly true in an inflationary environment.  Therefore, in terms of the financial decision making process, we must strive to protect our children, and consider and incorporate human life value.  We must also protect our businesses and safeguard our legacies.

In light of our reality of ever-increasing immediacy and consumption, Wornel Simpson has developed a time-tested formula to assist clients in reaching their savings and investment goals.

Our aim is to fully integrate the current age of technological expansion with the delivery of our services, and provide valued assistance in the decision making process.  Employing our time-tested formula, we can help our clients reach financial savings and accumulation objectives comfortably and with the backing of historical certainty.  By utilizing a systematic flow of money into strategically designed plans, we can: 1) ensure the availability of money when needed, or as wanted; 2) control tax implications upon distribution; 3) create contingencies for unanticipated death, disability, or emergency; 4) mitigate the risks of substantial losses; and 5) maintain the flexibility to change plans.

Visible, consistent, and empathetic involvement in our clients’ financial decision-making reinforces Wornel Simpson’s objectives of empowerment and independence to develop future opportunities.  Additionally, our underlying goal is to strengthen families and facilitate children’s financial literacy in a private enterprise environment, where individuals can advance and benefit themselves and their loved ones.

Wornel Simpson always seeks meaning in what we do. Our world of technology and constant newness requires a renewed sense of consciousness and care.  Moving ahead, we hope our capacity for reflection and thoughtfulness, grounded by our core principles, may be used to work in tandem with you. Your financial goals and a better tomorrow are within reach.  We look forward to assisting you.





From the desk of Wornel SimpsonFocusing On the Tough Decisions


I recently read an article on why great ideas within organizations fail to be implemented.  As I read the article, it struck me that the same rationale that applies internally to large organizations applied to my financial planning practice as well.  There are three major reasons why attempted changes often fail: the stakeholders do not understand it - confusion; they do not like it - fear; or the stakeholders do not like you – lack of trust. Most leaders are perfectly capable of establishing strategies, goals, and metrics, but often miss on the engagement. 


One of the most common errors leaders make in rolling out new projects is not realizing where the finish line is. During a recent lunch meeting, a good friend noted that Wayne Gretzky was the greatest hockey player of our time.  One of the revelations this friend pointed out was that Gretzky recognized his shortcomings.  Gretzky realized he maybe was not the best skater, or perhaps the fastest skater, and because of this understood that simply chasing the puck would be fruitless.  Instead, Gretzky anticipated where the puck was going next and skated there!


We have all heard the famous phrase from the film, Field of Dreams: If You Build It, They Will Come.  For business owners in today’s economic environment, that is one of the biggest misconceptions.  In fact, it is false!  No amount of training, advertising, expertise or even goodwill ensures that you can continue to grow revenue without continuing to grow expenses at a faster rate. 


Many, if not most, of us have been living beyond our means; therefore, a new normal is in order, particularly in terms of our expectations and growth. We must make a compelling vision that resonates intellectually and emotionally, and generally connects the dots! This must be accomplished for our employees, clients, and, most importantly, family members! 


I assume that if you are still reading this, trust is not an issue.  That leaves us with two possibilities: confusion or fear. In light of the financial markets climate and the real estate bubble burst over the past several years, fear is reasonable. Nevertheless, Wornel Simpson can guide you through the confusion.  


Let me assure you, we are diligent in helping you focus on the tough decisions and pursuing opportunities. Our mission for over 30 years has been “To see our clients through life’s personal and financial struggles utilizing objectivity, judgment, instinct and compassion.”


In focusing on these tough decisions, we will keep an eye on where the puck is going and utilize all the financial products, tools and tax savings techniques and strategies available to help capitalize on opportunties. We must be truthful with ourselves and move forward! I cannot possibly contact each and every one of you personally, however, I can certainly help those of you who reach out. If you need the help and you understand that there are available solutions and you want to go where the puck is going, not follow it,  I look forward to assisting you.